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Super Chexx PRO® Arena Rink

Starting At $400.00
Starting at $500.00
SKU:  SC3126
Manufacturer Part #:  SC3126

Description & Specs

The "ultimate" addition to your Super Chexx game is now available! 

ICE has created the Arena Rink Floor to give players the true feeling of stepping out onto the ice and playing the competition. This floor is made of 1/8th inch polycarbonate and is the same material as our signature dome.  It's back printed, laminated and indestructible!   Our Super Chexx customers deserve the best to complete your gameroom.

Dimensions of the "Arena Rink Floor" are 47 1/2" W x 98 1/2" L. 

Includes FREE shipping within the continental U.S. ONLY.  Will ship within 3 weeks of receipt of order.

All other customers please contact our Super Chexx team at or 855-552-4399 to obtain a shipping quote.

Super Chexx PRO® Arena Rink Floor only. Super Chexx PRO® game sold separately.

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